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Focus on writing and not on dealing with complicated blogging software.
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Publishing text on the internet shouldn’t be so hard.

There are many options out there, but most are either too complicated, too restrictive, too expensive, or too free (which means an uncertain future for your blog).

Bloggi aims to be a simple, flexible, affordable, and reliable solution to let you share your ideas with the world.

It has a simple focus. It lets you write without distractions:

And lets your readers read, without distractions:

And you get a nice-looking blog that you can customize however you want:

Check out the live demo blog, or better yet, read the latest updates on the Bloggi Blog.



  • Publish on a subdomain
  • Made with Bloggi branding
  • Unlimited posts
  • Static pages and navigation
  • Basic design customization
  • SSL
  • RSS feed


$9/month or $90/year, per site
  • All of the Free plan features, plus:
  • Publish on your own domain
  • Branding free
  • Full design customization
  • Premium fonts
  • Code injection
  • API and webhooks